Lawn Tips

Avoiding Lawn Weeds

The best way to deal with weeds in the lawn is to take care of the lawn in a matter such that weeds do not sprout in the lawn. There are several lawn care fundamentals that can keep the turf vigorous and the weeds to a minimum.


Mow the Lawn to its Proper Height for the Species

Proper grass blade height depends entirely upon the species. Ideal height for Bermuda-grass is one half to three quarters of an inch, while proper height for bluegrass is about two inches.

Proper mowing height accomplishes several things:

  • It keeps the grass tall enough to shade out weed seeds and prevent them from sprouting.
  • Proper mowing height also keeps the ratio of the grass roots to grass leaves in balance so that the grass does not become stressed from lack of food or water.


Correct Watering Practices

In addition to mowing technique, correct watering practices help control lawn weeds. Over-watering can both stress the turf grass, and provide weed seeds with a favorable environment in which to germinate.


Properly Aearate Lawn

Keep the lawn properly aerated to avoid root compaction and stress leading to death.


Any time a patch of lawn dies, it opens up space for weed seeds to germinate. Proper lawn maintenance goes a long way toward preventing weeds from taking hold.


Ridding of the lawn weeds


If weeds have taken hold in the lawn, there are few mechanical ways to rid the lawn of weeds. You will most likely need to use chemical means to rid the lawn of weeds.


W hen weeds sprout in the cracks of paths or driveways, you can use a torch to burn the weeds to the roots, but that will not always work in a lawn. If there is a drought or burn-ban, it is dangerous to use fire to fight weeds!

A n organic way to gradually rid the lawn of weeds is to use corn gluten. Corn gluten works as a pre emergence lawn weed killer, and thus takes one or two seasons to work completely. It keeps weed seeds from sprouting, buying you time to improve the health of the lawn so that it can out-compete the weeds. Corn gluten can be difficult to find.

There are also synthetic pre emergence herbicides. The “weed and feed” mixes available in stores have pre emergence herbicides. These should always be applied according to directions. More is not better with pesticides and fertilizers, and applying more than the label instructs can actually harm your lawn more than help it.


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