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Tim F.

Head Residential Landscape Consultant


Bryce B.

Commercial Landscape Consultant


Scott V.

Business Manager and Accounts Manager


Alyssa H.

Wholesale Sales and Distribution


Thomas D.

Commercial Projects


Brian H.

Director of Residential Accounts


Kieth P.

Carpentry and Residential Installs


Anthony B.

Hardscapes and Residential Installs


Andrew H.

Excavation and Demolition


Karandeep S.

Hauling and Trucking


Rod F.

Delivery and Dispatch


Health and Safety

Environmental Innitiaves

  • All concrete and asphalt removed from site is recycled.
  • All removed paving stones are donated or recycled.
  • Re-use large plant containers, recycle smaller ones.
  • Recycle all scrap metal.
  • Recycle all office paper, cardboard.
  • Donate or Recycle all outdated office equipment.
  • Install efficient irrigation systems to decrease water waste.
  • Encourage low impact landscapes, including native plantings.

Green Brothers Inc. has an active Health and Safety Program. Each employee is expected to maintain a safe work environment for not only themselves but for those around them. We feel that it is one of our jobs to enhance the level of safety in our industry. We are currently undergoing COR certification.