About Us

The Green Brothers Inc. pride ourselves on being hardworking committed professionals.

Green Brothers Team in Winnipeg


Since 2006 we have grown to an outfit of nearly 40 employees en-grained with the idea of honest work for honest people. We have become Winnipeg’s go to company because of our ease of use, and our loyal customers know what to expect. Integrity is our business.


Green Brothers Inc. is the leader in Residential Installs

Green Brothers Inc. is the leader in residential installs. It is our focus and it is our passion. We have worked with real estate agents to know what will improve home values and we have learned from professional designers and landscape architects both in house and by sub-contract to determine what really makes a landscape an out door living space.


We Stand By Our Work

Green Brothers Inc. has remained true to our core values in offering:

  • 1 year free warranty on all work
  • 3 year warranty on all hardscaping and brick work


We are Trusted

Green Brothers Inc. is trusted by the Government of Canada, the Provincial Government of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg to carryout its large projects with intricate designs and tight budget projects. We have provided service at high security facilities throughout Winnipeg, and performed design-build installs for customers like Travel Manitoba. It was our trusted passion that has granted us exclusive jobs not available to other contractors. Green Brothers Inc. has been the chosen contractor for Play structures and Parks with the City of Winnipeg, as well as we do their sod and tree installs City wide.



Many contractors will claim that they do not compete on price, and that their ability to lay sod is so extraordinary that they can justify charging an extra five thousand dollars. At Green Brothers Inc. we believe that you should not be taken advantage of for having your landscape done properly. We will quote you fairly and accurately and will be as open as you like with the costs associated. It is a competitive market, and we are set the benchmark.